John Bodger Regional Library Project


In 2006 we have decided to take on the project of building a new library which will be called the John Bodger Regional Library.  We know this will be hard work but with determination and a positive outlook this new project could be a reality in several years.  The library needs to now more than ever, think about it's future and it's stature in the community it serves.

We are also struggling to raise the money needed for operating costs to keep our librarian here and keep our doors open to the public.  Living in a very monetary restricted area, (the 5th poorest country in the U.S.) makes that a very hard task to do.   The library has some future goals we want to attain and hope that we can so that the future of the library will continue on in a new building with the funding needed to not only build this new library but keep our doors open.

The Library has a small endowment and would like to set a goal for 2006 to get that endowment to $100,000. Our long term goal for our endowment is for it to grow to $500,000. We hope that one day this endowment will grown enough so that the interest will one day be enough to give us the money need to operate the library.

Our building committee has been chosen. Elected to the committee were  Nate Pennell, Janet O'Neal, Les Gardner, Ozias Bridgham and Pat Brightly.  Through the many meetings it was determined to strive for a 4,800 sq. ft. building.  A site and location has been chosen but has yet to obtained.  The building committee is working on writing grants and raising money for this project as well as for the operating costs.  It has been estimated that the cost for a new building could be around $400,000 (which is not concrete and written in stone).    

The Whitneyville Public staff and trustees would like to thank the Whitneyville Community Club for there recent donation of $3,000 in memory of John Bodger, Mary Pennell and Frances Grover.  

In November of this year the library received $50,000 from the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation.  This money was used to purchase the land, which will be the future site of the library.  Thanks to the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation for making this possible.

December 14th the Down East Resource Conservation and Development Council named the Whitneyville Library Association's John Bodger Regional Library project as Washington County's Project of the Year for 2006.  An awards luncheon was held on the 14th where Librarian Pat Brightly and Vice President Janet O'Neal accepted this award on behalf of the Whitneyville Library trustees. 


March 2007 the library received a grant from the Maine Community Grant Foundation in the amount of $4,500.  This grant will help us get the new library site surveyed and a plot plan done and will help pay for any remaining land clean up that is needed to get done.

The year of 2007 ended with the new library lot being surveyed and the old barn be removed. Fill was also added to the lot as the debris was removed.  The board of trustees and the Friends of the Library would like to THANK all the donors this year for there help and contribution to the John Bodger Regional Library Project and to our on-going budget and future endowment.


The next phase in the project will begin in late spring as we prepare for our ground breaking.  The library is currently working on several grants and if we are recipients of these grants it will allow us to complete our capital campaign.  September 2017 the library received grants from the Next Generation and Davis Family Foundations.  With these grants construction of the new library can now begin.  September 23 the library had a ground breaking ceremony where the plans for the library were on display.  Many library friends came out to help us celebrate and founding library member Dorothy Bodger was present.  October saw the library taking shape with the ground work beginning as the footings were poured and the frost wall as being constructed.  The plans are to start the framing in of the library building in December with completion of the project to be mid spring of 2018.


In the beginning of April 2018 the project began with the framing in of the new library.  Local contractor Ronald Gandy and crew, along with Davis Brothers Construction and Dale Richardson and Son are building the new 4,000 sq. ft. building that will be the Whitneyville Library and Whatnot Association.  Allan Huntley and helper is doing all the heating and plumbing.  The radiant flooring was installed and the concrete was poured in May.  Framing out of the inside has began and in the first week of June the windows are going in.  The doors will be installed soon and electrical work will begin by Craig Nutter of Northeast Electrical.  It is all taking shape.  June 2018 the board of trustees were give a tour of the library and updated on the work that still had to be done.  The grand opening of the library was scheduled for around the 4th of July but a few set backs waiting for construction materials the date of the grand opening was pushed back.  September the board of trustees meet with the many crafters that were going to display there things in the Whatnot Shop and gave them the grand tour of the library and Whatnot Shop.  The building was getting closer to completion and our grand opening date had been set to October 20thThe begining of October the move began as the library finally moved from the 1868 two room school to the new 4,000 sq. ft. building.  After two weeks the library started taking shape the grand opening date was coming fast.  On October 20th our dream was finally realized and our hard work had come to an end as we opened the doors to the new Whitneyville Public Library and Whatnot Gift Shop.  Over 150 people came out to help us celebrate.  Since then our readership has grown and the Whatnot Gift Shop has been doing great.  We have seen more people visit the library and have had alot of new people become library members.  Theodore Geisel was so right..."Its not about what it is, it is about what it can become."  Thank you to everyone that helped make our dream a reality we truly feel so blessed. 

Since 1988 the Whitneyville Public has been a non-profit organization with a 501 (c)(3) status so all donations are tax-deductible.  

If you would like to help support our projects send a check to: Treasurer Whitneyville Library Association 6 Cross Street Whitneyville, Maine 04654 or to the Maine Community Founation 245 Main Street Ellsworth, Maine 04605  ATTENTION: Jim Geary. Visit there website at

All donations gratefully received.

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