Whitneyville Library and Whatnot Association
"Whitneyville Public Library"

Elected Officers/ Board of Trustees 2023-2024

Elected Officers

President  Nathan Pennell 207-255-8230
Vice President  Martina Ploss 207-255-8077
Secretary  Patricia Brightly 255-8077
Treasurer  Patricia Brightly 255-8077

 Janet O'Neal
  Jean Clemons
Lilian Hanscom
Janie Cummings
Carol Flores
Roberta Pennell
  Holly Towle
Renee Brightly
Connie Pennell
Pam Gandy
  Ralph Pennell Jr.

Honorary Trustees
Ozias Bridgham
Frances Grover
Julia Gray
Andrea Padilla
Virginia Wilkinson